Name: Trojan.Packed.Win32.Black.a

Aliases: Packed.Win32.Black.a, Win32.Black.a, Trojan.Win32.Black.a, Trojan:W32/Black.A

Type: A program with potential security concerns

Size: -

First appeared on: N/A

Damage: -

Brief Description: The Packed.Win32.Black.a detection identifies files that are packed with a stolen version of the Themida software protection program.

Stolen versions of this program (which are usable with leaked licenses) can be used to hide malware. Identifying a file that has been packed by a stolen version is therefore a precautionary measure against potentially malicious files.

Visible Symptoms: N/A

Technical description: Some antiviruses detect files packed by stolen version of the Themida software protection program as Trojan.Packed.Win32.Black.a. Please note that clean files which have been packed using a stolen version may also be detected.

Propagation: N/A

Removal instruction: Try to test suspicious files with different antiviruses.