How to delete Spylocked - Removal tool, fix instructions

Name: Spylocked

Aliases: SpywareQuake, VirusBurst

Type: Adware

Size: 1900544 bytes.

First appeared on: 22.03.2007

Damage: Medium

Brief Description:

Spylocked is adware that passes itself off as a security tool, supposedly detecting malware on computers. The aim is to get users to buy the product as protection. If they do buy it, the product ceases to detect malicious code.

Visible Symptoms:
  • SpyLocked may generate excessive advertisements and bombard computer screen with unwanted pop-ups.
  • The infected computer may show an icon on the system tray adjacent to the system clock. Clicking the icon will take the user to a rogue anti-spyware site. Even if the message is not clicked, it will intermittently show a message similar to:
    "The system has detected a number of active spyware applications that may impact on the performance of your computer. Click the icon to get rid of unwanted spyware by downloading an up-to-date anti-spyware solution." or a variant of this message.
  • SpyLocked may not allow the user to uninstall it by using Add/Remove function and may recreate itself every time the user tries to remove it manually. Additionally, trying to remove it manually may even lead to a system crash.SpyLocked will deliver fake security messages that user's computer is infected with spyware in order to promote its alleged rogue anti-spyware product.
  • Spylocked may run as a number of different processes including 'isamain.exe' and 'isamntr.exe' These processes usually can not be terminated as they often restart themselves.
  • SpyLocked may block the access to some websites for its purpose to prevent the user from downloading legitimate anti-spyware programs.
Technical description:



The method of infection is similar to the delivery methods of all other rogue anti-spyware programs. SpyLocked can infect a computer through web browser security holes, downloading and installing itself through Zlob Trojan.

Removal tools:

Free tool to REMOVE SpyLocked 3.6
Free tool to REMOVE SpyLocked 3.1